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Queen Elizabeth has traveled a lot…. A LOT… throughout the world in her 90 years. But would you believe she doesn’t have a passport? She is the queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and everyone within her realm, including members of the Royal Family, must have passports to travel abroad… except the queen herself. This is interesting because all passports are issued in the queen’s name. The reigning monarch has visited countries such as Thailand, Latvia, Pakistan and Sudan without a passport. Just after her first year on the throne – 1952 – she went on a six-month Commonwealth tour and traveled more than 40,000 miles, visiting 12 countries. But even Queen Elizabeth, who recently surpassed Queen Victoria as the longest reigning monarch at 65 years, must now go through an identity check every time she flies in and out of Britain to make sure she is not on a list of wanted terrorists. She must give her full name, age, address, nationality, gender and place of birth to immigration officials. And no more flying anonymously with fake names on the manifest for privacy. Real names must be used. But an airport security source believes this makes security that much harder, saying “The reason for entering a false name in the system is to protect the individual’s security. Putting a VIP’s real name in the system will alert people that someone important is on a particular flight and may, if the information falls into the wrong hands, make the flight a terrorist target. It is plainly ridiculous.”