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It’s been said that sometimes animals can sense things we humans don’t, such as bizarre weather changes, impending disasters and even the nearness of death. Oscar, a 10-year-old cat, deserves a pretty good rating for that, as he has “predicted” about 100 deaths over the years in a nursing home. Oscar is free to roam the halls at Steere House in Providence, Rhode Island. And when he starts cuddling up to a resident there…. There’s a really good chance that person’s days are limited. His ability to seek out those who are close to death has baffled doctors at the nursing home, and even proven them wrong on a few occasions. Although it might sound a little dark and gloomy, Oscar’s presence at the home and with its residents is very comforting to the ones he caters to. There is a possibility that Oscar is merely reacting to chemicals released by a person when he or she is preparing to die. But I’d like to think Oscar just knows, and is comforting that person as much as possible before taking that final trip.

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