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10. Mistress Magpie, or Margaret, as she’s known in more social circles, has been a sex worker for the past four years, specializing in bondage, domination, sadism and masochism. Her visiting clients have choices of floggers, paddles canes, crops, rulers and tawses. But the 33-year-old said her business, catering mostly to heterosexual or bisexual men, is much more than just spanking, with some want her to do their makeup, force them to dress in women’s clothes and verbally humiliate them. She says, “At the end they are often smiling, laughing, they are not suffering. They are undergoing pain, but it gives them a physical and psychological pleasure.”

9. 24-year-old Haleigh Maynard was a prostitute in Michigan, and would meet regularly with client Gary Schneider, who was 70. The first thing she would do was to undress and stand on a scale. Schneider would spank her 10 times for every pound she gained. But the spankings eventually led to Haleigh having flashbacks of being abused as a child. During their last encounter, Haleigh wanted to stop to get a drink of water, but Schneider followed her into the kitchen swatting at her. Haleigh grabbed a knife and stabbed him 50 times. She was charged with murder.

8. Ewwww…. Now here’s one you wouldn’t want to fool around with… well, not that you’d probably wanna fool around with any of the rest here. Hey! I don’t know your lifestyle…. Anyway, in November of 2013, 26-year-old high-priced call girl Alix Tichelman met with one of her clients and injected him with a lethal dose of heroin on his yacht in Santa Cruz. She had met this client, Forest Hayes, on the site Seeking Arrangements. After injecting the 51-year-old, Alix watched as he went into trauma and went unconscious. Instead of calling 911, security footage caught her gathering her belongings while stepping over his body several times. She even stepped over his body once to finish a glass of wine. She’s now behind bars.

7. Ok… just how hard is it to get a naked man out of your bed. Mmm… don’t answer that. Zimbabwe prostitute Melinda was having a sexual evening with… we’ll call him Stephen, since there’s no way I can pronounce his real name. During the night, Melinda got a call from her regular boyfriend, ummmmm… Mark… we’ll call him Mark. And Mark said he was coming over to spend the night with her. So Melinda tells Stephen her boyfriend is on the way and he has to get out of there. Stephen refuses, saying he wanted the services he already paid for. Mark shows up and he and Melinda torture and beat Stephen to death. They were arrested.

6. In late 2014, Ho Chi Minh prostitute Nguyen Linh, 24, came up with a scheme to murder and rob one of her clients. When the client, named only as H., showed up Linh tied his arms with strings and his long-sleeved shirt. She then had sex with him, but while do so, she stealthily wrapped an electric wire from her lamp around his neck. She then plugged the wire in and electrocuted H. to death. When the deed was done, she took $47 from his wallet and stole his cellphone. Police caught her later the same day, and she admitted to the crime.

5. Hey! Did you know Russia had its own version of Jack the Ripper… It’s TRUE!…. and …why am I sounding so happy about that? Ahem… Earlier this year, Russian police arrested a man they believe has killed at least 17 prostitutes over an 18-year period. The man, whose name has not been revealed, would target sex workers and dismembered them. Sometimes, the killer would paint pentagrams and arrows on their bodies before dumping the dismembered parts in landfills. Police say that after interviewing more than 3,000 people, they identified the suspect through a DNA match. The crimes were committed between 1998 and 2006. Authorities say they are unsure why they suddenly stopped. Might have something to do with their suspect being arrested 10 years ago for the crimes and let go for lack of evidence at that time.

4. In 2015, a maid, known as Z.M., decided to work as a prostitute in Dubai and was on her first encounter with a very drunk man. The man was lying on the woman’s couch after they had sex and started getting angry and agitated when Z.M. kept getting phone calls. Z.M. asked for her money and he refused. When he fell asleep, she set the couch on fire. She was sentenced to 15 years for the murder.

3. Three hookers in Zimbabwe…. Oh great… here go the names again… were arrested for stabbing a man to death for not paying up the $10 he owed one of them for sexual services. The hookers, Vimbai, Lenia and Ross, …oh.. ok, that wasn’t so bad… wait, Ross? Ummm…. Yeah….. stabbed the client several times in the neck with a broken beer bottle. They then robbed him. They are now in jail.

2. It kinda sounds like a sex game gone really bad. An anonymous man had paid for the oral services of 20-year-old Sinead twice before without a hitch… but this time, things went completely haywire. He was jumped by two of her male friends and ordered to suck Sinead’s toes or his face would be submerged in scalding water. The man also claimed the trio cleaned his face with a toilet brush while being filmed with the threat the video would appear online. He was also forced at knifepoint to dance around in women’s underwear. Sinead also spit wine on him. During this entire episode, the anonymous man believed they were going to cut his penis off. When the man exaggerated breathing difficulties, someone in the group called emergency services and he was rescued. When the case went to court, Sinead claimed an argument occurred after an hour-long session with the man and he refused to pay. The jury cleared Sinead and her friends of any wrongdoing.

1. Now there’s a real good chance you’ve heard of Aileen Wuornos. There was even a movie made about her. But in case you missed it, here’s her story. Aileen became a prostitute at the age of 15 to support herself. In 1989, something made her snap, and she went on a killing spree with men engaging her in prostitution. She killed seven men and had abandoned six of the seven bodies in the woods or in their cars. The seventh body was never found. Her victims had each been shot multiple times. Aileen was caught in 1991 and claimed the murders were done in self-defense. She was convicted and sentenced to death. She said behind bars that if she was to be released, she would kill again. She was executed in 2002.

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