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10. Warriena Wright was a 26-year-old New Zealander visiting England in August of 2014 when she decided to go on a date with Gable, a man she’d met on the dating site Tinder. They met at Cavill Mall on Queenslands Gold Coast and, after talking for a bit, they decided to go to his apartment. After reaching his 14th-floor apartment, the two began drinking… and they began drinking heavily. At some point, the two began fighting, throwing insults back and forth and making threats to each other. Gable called Warriena a psycho bitch and said I ought to chuck you off my balcony. He then allegedly locked her out on the balcony. A short time later, the woman tried to climb down it but fell to her death. Gable was charged in her death.

9. It was 1970 and Loretta Jones of Utah was 23 and full of life. She met a man on a blind date and they ended up back at her house. A short time later, she was dead. She had been raped and stabbed repeatedly, and her throat was slit. Loretta’s 4-year-old daughter found her mom and ran to a neighbor. Police quickly arrested a man but he was let go for lack of evidence. Years passed, then decades. Then more decades. Finally, Detective Dave Brewer began working the cold case, and began collecting more evidence. After learning of this last August and concerned about DNA evidence, the murdered woman’s blind date came clean, confessing to the crime. It was Tom Egley, now 76, who was the man initially arrested for the crime, then let go. He was sentenced to 10 years to life.

8. On Christmas Eve of last year, 23-year-old teacher Katie Locke of London went on a blind date with Carl Langdell after connecting with him on the popular dating site Plenty of Fish. They went on their date before getting a hotel room. There, he killed her, later claiming it was a sex game gone wrong. But then he proceeded to have sex with her corpse. He also took pictures of her dead body with his iPhone. He then wrapped her body in a quilt and dumped it just outside the hotel. He later confessed to the murder and was given a sentence of 26 years. Just two months prior to the blind date, Langdell had been released from a mental institution, where he had told mental health workers that he had fantasies of cutting a girl’s throat and having sex with her dead body.

7. Ingrid Lyne met John Charlton last April on a blind date and they decided to take in a Seattle Mariners baseball game. It seemed like a fun first date. But when her ex attempted to drop off their children to her the next day, there was no answer. Concerned, he contacted the police. Inside her home police found blood and trash bags containing severed body parts and a pruning saw that was apparently used in the crime. At a Seattle recycling bin some 10 miles from her home, they found more bags with body parts. Telephone records led police to Charlton.

6. In late October, 19-year-old Donna Cloud of Splendora, Texas, met a man through an online site and left to meet up with him. Through messaging to her father, she said she was going to rent some movies at Redbox then go to the man’s place to watch them. Almost jokingly she told her father that if she’s not back home by 2 a.m. to “call the cops.” Donna never returned home. Police are still trying to find out the identity of the blind date.

5. Long before the internet became a popular way to meet dates, there was the Dating Game, a hit television show in the 1970s where women questioned three men behind a wall and chose one of them to date after a series of questions. A charming Rodney Alcala, of California, appeared on that show as a bachelor and was chosen by the contestant, Cheryl Bradshaw. No one Alcala’s dark past at that time. He had already murdered two women. But Cheryl ultimately declined going on the big date with him, saying he was “too creepy.” Oh, how right she was, and very fortunate, as Alcala would go on to rape, murder and mutilate four more women and a 12-year-old girl. Alcala, now 72. was finally caught and sentenced in early 2013 to 25 years to life.

4. In 2012, Leigh Swanson, 45, of Saginaw, Mich., went missing. When family called the man she had met online on the site Meet Me and went on a first date with, he was rude and hung up on them. A full week later, police went to talk to the man, 30-year-old Steve Fabi, and discovered he had committed suicide. Leigh’s body was found in the woods near his home the next day. Information police found on Fabi’s Facebook page revealed a very dark side to him. If police had moved quicker, would Leigh still be alive? We may never know.

3. In October of 2008, Johnny Altinger of Edmonton, Canada, told some of his friends he was excited to be meeting a woman he’d connected with on Plenty of Fish. Oddly, though, the woman told him to meet her in a back alley. When Johnny went there, he phoned a friend saying he was still waiting on the woman but had met a man there who was making a movie and even showed him a replica handgun. After the call ended, the man, Mark Twitchell, told Johnny that he was actually the one who pretended to be the woman to get Johnny there just to get his reaction for his movie. Johnny was not happy about that at all and the two got into a fight. Twitchell grabbed a pipe and hit Johnny in the head before stabbing him with a knife, killing him. He then dismembered him for a scene in his movie. He was arrested and sentenced to life in prison.

2. Jo Salazar, of Lawton, Okla., met a blind date at a bar. He was a friend of a friend and they hit it off really well before deciding to go to his place. But on the way, they crashed into a tree. He got out and said “I’m not going to catch a charge for this,” and then he left her there. She had a broken neck and a broken back. He had left …in the middle of nowhere. Bugs were starting to eat at her and she could feel it, but she could not do anything about it. She was able, however, to move her arm and fingers and pushed 911 into her cellphone. Medics were able to find her and rushed her to a hospital. This happened in mid-2015, and we were not able to find any follow-up information on it. But we at Knowable certainly hope medical professionals were able to treat Jo as much as they possibly could for her injuries and that she has somehow found peace in her life after such a nightmare. We also hope the man who left her for dead was hit by a train right after doing so.

1. Lili, a 28-year-old married woman, met a man online and prepared to meet him. Little did she know that the man she was meeting was her husband’s father. That was bad. But what made it even worse was that her husband, suspecting his wife’s infidelity, followed her to the hotel where the two had agreed to meet. When the blind date opened his hotel door, he was shocked to see Lili. Lili was shocked to see him, and Lili’s husband went nuts…. Knocking out two of his wife’s teeth and striking his father in the head and putting him in the hospital.

Ok…. Most all of those were terrible and horrifying. But let’s end this on a positive note, because certainly not all blind dates are bad. In April of this year, Miriam Steiner, 93, and Harold Sharlin, 90, met on a blind date in Washington after Harold’s granddaughter, Jenny, set them up. Jenny, a waitress at a restaurant, was waiting on Miriam when she realized the woman and her grandfather would make a great couple. The elderly couple – both of whom had lost their spouses in the 1990s and are both disabled – met at a bookstore, went to lunch, had a great conversation and ended up spending the entire afternoon together. We at Knowable hope they’re still dating and having an absolute blast with each other.

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