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1. In early 2013, Doctors told Andrea Ott-Dahl of San Francisco that the baby she had been carrying for two months was going to have Down Syndrome, be blind and have autism. There was also the possibility of a severe deformity and doctors suggested a termination of the pregnancy. Andrea was carrying the baby as a surrogate mother for two of her lesbian friends, who were understandably shocked by the news and agreed on an abortion. Andrea, however, did not see abortion as an option, and told her friends that she and her wife, Keston, would keep the child and raise it. When Delaney Skye was born, she had a heart defect that required a surgical procedure. She was born with Down Syndrome but otherwise, Delaney was a healthy baby. Says Andrea: “Delaney is amazing, We just want to show parents out there — you don’t have to lose hope.”

2. After an ultrasound at 12 weeks, Holly Hodgson’s doctor strongly advised her to have an abortion because the baby boy inside her had his intestines coming through a hole in his abdomen, a defect in which 95 percent survive the pregnancy. Holly and her husband, Stephen, refused to abort the child, and the boy was, indeed, born in late 2015 with the birth defect. But the delivery group was ready for that, as they quickly put the newborn in a cling wrap and into a silo bag, where he remained for two weeks. This allowed his stomach time to grow and then his intestines were placed back inside him. The couple says he is now healthy and “perfect.”

3. At 17 weeks, Brittany and Brandon Buell found out they were going to have a boy. But they also found out he might not survive because of anencephaly, a condition where the skull and brain don’t completely form. And even if he did survive, said doctors, he would probably never walk, never talk, never hear or see. At 23 weeks, an abortion was highly recommended, but Brittany and Brandon decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. But knowing the little boy might not survive took all the joy out of the pregnancy, said Brittany. But little Jaxon was born Aug. 27, 2014, and survived. I just watched the video of him talking and walking, and I gotta say, it brought tears to my eyes. Good for you, Brittany and Brandon, for not giving up on this little miracle.

4. 22-year-old Jade was told there were severe problems with the child she was carrying and was urged to abort it. But Jade said No. There was even a bereavement midwife at the birth of little Riley, but he had other plans, which included living. Riley was born in 2011 with an inside-out heart on the wrong side of his body, with its valves not connected properly. His bowels were twisted. Certainly some very serious issues, but they were handled by the doctors. Riley spent more than a year in the hospital before coming home. And there are still health concerns, but, his parents say, he is progressing well.

5. In 1977, a woman decided to abort her child in her seventh month of pregnancy. The method used was a saline solution. With this, the fetus is surrounded with the solution that will burn it to death, and the process can take several hours to complete. When it did not accomplish the abortion fully, the body of the infant was removed from her and thrown in the trash. A nurse who happened to be walking by heard the baby crying and took the little girl out of the garbage can and saved her life. Today, that little thrown-away girl, Melissa Ohden, has a master’s degree in social work and, in 2008, gave birth to her own child in the very hospital that her mother tried to abort her.

6. A pre-natal specialist repeatedly and aggressively urged Courtney Baker to terminate her pregnancy because Down’s Syndrome was detected. But she didn’t. Instead, Courtney had little Emersyn Faith and said she opened her eyes to “true beauty and love.” So she wrote the specialist a letter, saying that he made her life nearly unbearable at a difficult time, and she told him he will never have the privilege of knowing her toddler, adding “She has given us a purpose and a joy that is impossible to express.”

7. Katyia Rowe’s doctors warned her that the baby inside her was severely deformed, with his brain not properly formed, and to abort the pregnancy. But in a 3D scan picture, Katia seen her little boy smile, blow bubbles and waving his arms. With that, she simply could not stand the thought of terminating the pregnancy. So she went ahead and little Lucian, was born. Tragically, however, he died nine hours later. But despite this, Katyia said she wouldn’t give up those hours cuddling with him for anything, saying ‘It was without doubt the happiest moment of my life.”

8. Sheila Bhatti’s water broke at 16 weeks pregnant earlier this year, and medical professionals strongly encouraged her to abort the child, saying they were certain the baby would not survive. But Sheila refused, as doctors continued to talk about funeral arrangements. At 24 weeks, Sheila was given steroid injections to help the baby’s under-developed lungs. She said, “That felt like the first time my baby had actually received any help to live, rather than just being offered help to die.” A short time later, her little boy was born, weighing a very tiny 2 pounds. But, she said, he is now healthy and perfect.

9.Catherine Moore was 15 and pregnant. The baby inside her was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome and she was strongly urged to terminate the pregnancy because many felt there was no way she would be able to cope with this child at such a young age. She said No, and proceeded with the pregnancy. After the birth, she said she was glad she kept him. She said, “It breaks my heart reading about women aborting Down’s babies. They are a real joy and if I can make a success of it, anyone can.”

10. Doctors told Hannah and Michael Boland their baby, with an undeveloped brain, had a 99.9 percent chance of dying right after it was born. All recommended abortion. But Hannah and Michael wouldn’t even consider it. When Hannah delivered, everyone was shocked when little Stephen came out with a loud, healthy cry. He looked very healthy and he was feeding, and Hannah and Michael were both looking forward to taking him home. Suddenly, the infant started spitting up his food and could not take in any nutrition. They then knew it was only a matter of time. Michael said to him, “You’re here for a reason, and as long as you’re still here, I am going to serve you as best I can.” Tiny Stephen’s breathing would start and stop in short intervals as Michael cradled him. After several hours, Michael turned to his wife. The son’s life had slipped away. Last April marked the second anniversary of Stephen’s birth. His mother has since written a story about him, titled “47 Hours With a Prince.”

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