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10. Earlier this year, a 15-year-old girl was caught on camera having sex with 25 boys in her high school’s restroom. The girl, a student at South Fort Myers High School in Fort Myers, Florida, admitted to the school’s principal that she had sex with many boys while others filmed them. Footage of it quickly showed up on Snapchat and word of it quickly circulated around the school. Parents, as you can imagine, were shocked.

9. Stowe School in England has a motto: I Persist and I Excel. But officials there did not want students to use that in their quest for sex. But, they pretty much were. Students were having sex anywhere they could: in unlocked classrooms in the evenings, in the sports pavilion, even in outside boarding houses. There was even the Temple Challenge, a game where students would compete to have sex. Teachers knew about all the sexual shenanigans but said there wasn’t much of anything they could do to stop it. I think when I was in school, teachers sure would have found a way to stop it. I mean… really… c’mon….

8. It was the summer of 2002. Student and football standout Brian Banks was arrested and charged with rape after classmate Wanetta Gibson accused him of dragging her into a stairway and sexually accosting her. She and her mother then sued the Long Beach School District claiming it neglected her safety and because of it, Banks was able to rape her. She was awarded $1.5 million. Banks was facing 41 years to life on the charge but took a plea deal of five years in prison, five years of probation and registering as a sex offender. Ok, sound fair so far? Well, let’s continue before you make any absolute judgments. In 2011, Wanetta contacted Banks, who had served his time, on Facebook and said she wanted to meet with him. During this meeting, she admitted to lying about the rape. Who knows? Maybe living with immense guilt will do that to a person. But, of course, Banks knew she had lied in the first place. However, she told him she would not confess to the prosecutor that it was a lie because then she would have to surrender that large settlement she had won. And that was that. Well, except for the fact that Banks, who obviously distrusted people because of the cruel hand he’d been dealt, secretly recorded the conversation of Wanetta admitting it was a complete lie. Banks’ conviction was overturned in 2012 and he went on to play briefly for the Atlanta Falcons. He now serves as a spokesman for the California Innocence Project. And Wanetta? In 2013, the school district sued Wanetta and her mother. The district was awarded $2.6 million.

7. Last month, science teacher June Kendall, 29, wanted to experiment a lot more than most science teachers, allegedly seducing two 17-year-old boys after sending them sexy photos on Snapchat. The married teacher at the Chicago high school reportedly told one of them she wanted to have sex with him so they did it while school was in session in another room attached to Kendall’s classroom. A short time later, the second teen allegedly had sex with her. She has been suspended and is facing charges.

6. Texas high school teacher Brittni Colleps, a mother of three, had group sex with five male students, as a video of the sex was being made at her home. That video was shown during her court appearance after the 28-year-old was charged with five counts of having an improper relationship between and educator and a student. Some of the students told investigators they didn’t feel like victims, that they were happy it happened. A witness testified several other group sex sessions happened in the teacher’s home.

5. A Texas middle school teacher was impregnated by a student, and his parents were actually thrilled and excited about it. The student was 13 years old. Alexandria Vera taught eighth-grade English at the school and started up a very flirtatious relationship with the young boy. They soon started having sex and then she had sex with him on a daily basis. When Texas Child Protective Services came a knockin’, Alexandria denied any wrongdoing, but police discovered evidence of the relationship on her cellphone. She was placed on administrative leave at the school.

4. Quinton Wright, a math teacher at a middle school in Georgia, let his students pair up and have fun time in his schoolroom closet. The mother of a student discovered a text message from the teacher saying her son could use the closet from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. but to make sure to warn the girl he would take with him in there not to tell anyone. Wright was removed from the school and charged with four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

3. A 52-year-old Russian teacher allegedly tried to hire a hitman to torture and murder a male student who did not acknowledge her advances. She told an undercover officer acting as a hitman that she wanted him to “really attack and damage his kidneys because I want him to bleed out.” The music teacher, Yulia Simonova, had bought the boy gifts and became very upset when he started dating a girl of his own age. She faces a 15-year sentence.

2. At an exclusive prep school in the Bronx, as many as 64 students were reported sexually abused by at least 22 male and female faculty and staff members. The abuse was reported to have started in 1962 and lasted into the late 90s. The administration was reportedly aware of the abuse, but chose to do nothing to stop it.

1. At a school in Nigeria, female students were required to sleep with their male instructors and male students were required to hire prostitutes for their instructors. The instructors told them they had to comply with this or they would fail their classes. Some males were allowed to pay cash to the instructors but this would only guarantee them barely passing grades. The female students had to have sex with the instructors to receive any passing grades.