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The birth of any child is always a memorable occasion, but some are a bit more memorable than others because of one strange thing or another. Here are 10 very strange pregnancies and/or births.

10. Yes, every child is a miracle. But Kate Hill can truly say her daughters are miracles beyond miracles. Kate and her husband Peter struggled so much to conceive, but it was impossible. In 2006 she was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, which basically means she was unable to ovulate. And, of course, without ovulation, no babies. Through hormone treatment, however, she became pregnant… twice! And THIS very rare medical phenomenon, called superfetation, resulted in the sperm staying alive for more than a week to fertilize a second egg that was released. And strangely enough, Kate and Peter made love only one time during this period.

9. At 16-weeks pregnant, Lynlee found out she had lost one of the twins she was carrying and that the other one had developed a large tumor on her tailbone that was causing cardiac distress. Lynlee had to decide on whether to have the baby removed from her womb for a rare surgery to remove the tumor or cross her fingers and hope for the best. The tumor, she was told, was almost as big as the baby itself, so she opted for the surgery at 23 weeks pregnant at Texas Children’s Hospital. The baby was taken out, and the tumor was removed. She was then placed back inside her mother and delivered by c-section at 36 weeks on June 6 of this year. So you could say she was born twice. At last check, mother and daughter and doing just fine.

8. 21-year-old Jade Wigley, of Essex, England, was feeling strange with some stomach pain, so she took a pregnancy test that came out negative. She went to her doctor for the abdominal pain and he told her the lining in her abdomen had been pulled. There were no signs of pregnancy at all. On July 5, she went out drinking with her friends. The next day, she went to the bathroom with more stomach pains and…boom… a baby pops out while she was on the toilet. The tiny baby was just over 3 pounds and between 7 and 10 weeks premature, and was put on a hospital ventilator for four days. Despite the very unexpected arrival, Jade is extremely content with George, who is now almost 2.

7. We all know that a 15-year-old girl becoming pregnant is hardly uncommon. But it gets a little different when she claims that the baby growing inside her is the son of Jesus. Latifah Smith-Nabengana, of Ohio, said she has not had sex and that Jesus Christ impregnated her after a “divine encounter.” Smith-Nabengana said an “Angel of God” visited her and told her that she had been chosen to bear the Christ’s son. By the way, her doctor earlier this year said her claims of having a virgin pregnancy are technically true. Says her doctor: I can tell you that it’s a boy, but there no way for me to determine if it is Jesus’ son until he is born. If she asks for a DNA test at that time, then we can tell you who the father is.” The girl says she wants a paternity test as soon as her son is born to prove that she is telling the truth.

6. Dead woman gives birth to twins. Ok, aside from that sounding like a headline out of National Enquirer, it happens to be true…technically. (yes, there’s that word again) Christine Bolden of Michigan was taking a walk in 2012 when she suffered a brain aneurysm and collapsed. She was later pronounced brain dead but was kept on life support, giving birth to twin boys after a 25-week pregnancy. Soon after, he life support was turned off.

5. Thomas Beatie was born a female but underwent partial gender reassignment surgery in 2002 and legally became a man. But because his wife was infertile, Thomas chose to become pregnant in 2007 through artificial insemination. He had since given birth to three children and is known in the Guinness Book of Records as the World’s First Pregnant Man.

4. In 1986, Chris Biblis, 16, was suffering from leukemia, and doctors told him radiation treatment would leave him sterile. So Chris had some of his semen frozen before the treatment. 22 years later, his semen was used and implanted into his wife. Melodie. In 2008, both celebrated the birth of a healthy baby girl. The 22-years of storage is the longest on record that resulted in conception.

3. OK… you come up with your own headline for this one. Dutch couple Wilma and Willem Stuart tried to conceive for years before going with invetro fertilization. Soon, Wilma was pregnant with twins. But when they were born, one had blue eyes, dark hair and pink skin, while the other had dark eyes, dark hair and brown skin. DNA tests confirmed the dark-skinned child was not Willem’s. Through investigations, it was discovered a large eyedropper used in the invetro process was used twice accidentally, causing another man’s sperm to mix with Willem’s. The hospital said it deeply regretted the mistake. Hmmmm… Ok… got that headline yet?

2. While vacationing in Turkey, 8-months pregnant Maria Kristensen spotted an abandoned baby girl. And, because she was already starting to lactate for her own baby, she began breastfeeding the bloody and discarded child. Many have hailed the 25-year-old Denmark woman as a hero, as she was able to put some life back into the child. After drinking Maria’s breast milk, the little girl reportedly had life in her eyes. The abandoned child was turned over to authorities and Maria had her own child a short time later.

1. Ok, all you moms out there. How long were you in labor? My ex was in labor about 10 hours with our daughter… so I guess that’s about average. But can you imagine being in labor for twice as long as you were? Or three times? How about 75 days? Joanna Krzysztonek was 31 when she went into labor with her triplets in late 2011. One of the babies was born prematurely at 21 weeks and did not survive. And the remaining two were very much in danger of suffering the same fate unless doctors came up with something fast. So they did. They were able to delay the delivery of the other two by putting Joanna on a tilting bed. The 30-degree angle had her feet pointing upwards and helped with delaying the births. So Joanna had to remain in this position for the next two and a half months, in what is believed to be the longest labor ever recorded. So if you have nightmares thinking of your own labor, just think of what it must have been like for Joanna, who gave birth, eventually, to a healthy girl and a healthy boy.

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