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10. Apparently those New York women just can’t get enough. Take Liana Barrientos, for instance. Liana married 10 different men over the span of 11 years. Now, that would be OK, I GUESS, but she forgot something…. She forgot to divorce her previous husbands most of the time and… at one time, she was married to eight men without divorces being involved. Today, she is still believed to be married to four of them. The 39-year-old woman is facing charges on a couple of criminal counts, some of which involve an immigration scam.

9. A man, we’ll call him Tom, was a good husband and his wife was four months pregnant, but he found out she was cheating on him with another man in June. Her excuse was that Tom was sexually incapable. He says he cannot imagine another man’s bodily fluids falling on his baby’s head. Thing is, Tom may not understand the baby might not be his anyway. But the heartbroken Tom who says to test your girlfriend many times before making her your wife, also says the devil wanted him to beat her badly before God prevailed.

8. In September, in Hyderabad, India, Pravallika Mendem, 25, had a fight with her husband Pullaiah. She banged his head on the wall and slammed him in the groin. Then, her 16-year-old nephew joined in the violent attack. And between the two of them, they beat the woman’s poor husband to death. The two then borrowed a neighbor’s motorbike and hoisted the dead man onto it. While they were riding to dispose of the body, they were stopped by the police, and the boy said they were carrying “the drunk man” to his home. Well, the cops didn’t buy it. They were taken to police headquarters and confessed to the killing.
Oh, by the way, the woman who took part in the murder was sleeping with her young nephew at the time of the crime.

7. It’s shameful, but sometimes men accept the fact that their significant other has another lover. A 45-year-old man in Johannesburg, South Africa, loved his wife so much that he would sometimes even take her to see her new boyfriend before heading back home to his cold, lonely bed. Now that’s a lot of love. But after a while, the man continued to follow his wife, until one day, she got so fed up with it that she strangled him and beat him to death. Before turning herself into police, she went to sleep with her boyfriend.

6. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what kind of male you are… it still hurts! Earlier this month, a penguin was followed by a National Geographic crew and was seen to be flipping out when he returned to his nest to find the mother of his children with another male penquin. Apparently outraged, the husband penguin challenged the intruder to a fight, but he ended up getting his waddling butt kicked. He makes a final plea to his wife but she chooses the new black and white guy in her life. Humiliated, the husband walks away.

5. As we all know, what’s good for the goose…. Estelle Cruyff left her legendary soccer star husband, Ruud Gullit because she was sick of his constant cheating. She left him for world champion kickboxer Badr Hari, who is 21 years younger than Ruud. Estelle claims her former husband had affair all during their 12-year marriage, and he would always deny them. By doing this, she said, “He gave me away.”

4. A Bosnian couple were so sick and tired of each other that both of them began chat conversations with others on a website. Sana, the wife, used the nickname “Sweetie” in her chats. Adnan, the husband, used the name “Prince of Joy” in his chats. Finally, each of the two found incredibly good relationship on the website. They spent hours confiding to their chat partners the troubles in their marriage. Soon, Sana and Adnan both made dates with their new love interests on the website. And when they met them… well, a few jaws could have dropped. You see, Sana’s “Sweetie” had taken a huge interest in and made a date with “The Prince of Joy.” And, of course, visa-versa.

3. It’s pretty understandable why Jeff Carstensen was a little shaken when he found out his 76-year-old grandmother wanted to take out a $100,000 life insurance policy on him, with her as the beneficiary. The Georgia woman is in jail accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill her fourth husband. Authorities are also looking into the deaths of her first child as well as four of the five men she had married. She had collected life insurance on at least three of those husbands. Family members claim the woman is friendly, attended church and raised money for charity.

2. Dawnell Batista was suffering from kidney failure. So, in 2001, when it was determined that her husband Richard was a perfect match, he did what most all loving husbands or family members do and donated one of his kidneys to save her life. A few years later, with a new lease on life, Dawnell returned to school to earn her master’s degree in nursing and she even took up karate. She also started sleeping with her physical therapist and denied her husband visitation of their three children in a nasty divorce. But Richard has turned the tables on her somewhat, suing his unfaithful wife for $1.5 million for the organ he donated to her. I like it.

1. After being introduced by his military pals, a man and woman were married. Let’s call them Bob and Jane. Bob was soon sent off to serve his country elsewhere and Jane stayed at home and collected Bob’s paychecks and took advantage of his military healthcare. But later Bob started hearing stories of Jane not staying at home too often and spending a lot of time at trailer parks, getting there with the car he had bought her. She also reportedly took her mother to doctor appointments and put it on his medical insurance. He then found out she had slept with 60 different men, and most of them were soldiers. Surely she was thinking of Bob when she closed her eyes. Hmmmmm…