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10. Some people just plain don’t like Christmas or the holidays. And that’s Ok, because we all have our own ways, but perhaps its best if you don’t like something, to just not say anything at all. Take the man planning to take a flight at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. It was Christmastime and a lot of airline employees were wishing those preparing to board their flight a Merry Christmas. The unnamed man took quite an offense to it and shouted some foul-mouthed language at the gate attendant before boarding his flight. As he was being seated, a stewardess also wished him a Merry Christmas. Well, the man mouthed off more obscenities at her…The captain ejected the man from the flight.…. Look, people are just being nice when they wish you a Merry Christmas. If you’re offended by it, just let it go. As I’m sure you’ve done things in your life to offend others…who let it go.

9. Earlier this month, in Mexico, those aboard an Aeromexico flight got quite a shock as a green snake slithered out from behind an overhead luggage compartment, highly remenescent of the movie, “Snakes on a Plane.” A video of the snake shows it dangling from the compartment before dropping into the cabin. The pilot radioed in to Mexico City and were given priority landing, touching down 10 minutes later. Passengers exited out the rear, and animal control workers boarded to take the snake into custody. And if you haven’t seen the movie, “Snakes on a Plane,” as goofy as it sounds, I highly recommend it.

8. In 2006, a flight between Washington and Dallas was forced to make an emergency landing in Nashville after several passengers reported smelling burning matches. When the plane landed, passengers were evacuated and bomb-sniffing dogs were brought on board. They sniffed out a bunch of burnt matches under one passenger’s seat. During questioning, the passenger admitted to lighting the matches to conceal the smell of her medical condition, which was constant flatulence. She was banned from the airline’s flights. Here’s an idea… next time drive… alone.

7. When a plane’s captain tells you to buckle up and turn off all your gadgets, I suggest you do it. In 2012, 3-year-old David Yanchuk was flying first-class with his parents. When the captain asked all to buckle up and turn off the electronics, young and spoiled David, toting an iPad, chose to do neither. The captain then changed course on the runway and headed back to the gate, where he ejected the boy and his parents from the flight, citing safety reasons.

6. Some airplane passengers are nervous enough, and it probably doesn’t help when a few of the crew gets into a mid-air brawl with each other. On a Delta flight from L.A. to Minneapolis, two cabin stewardesses began verbally arguing about work issues before it escalated to fists flying and punches being thrown. A third stewardess who attempted to intervene got whacked in the face by both of them. Because of this, the captain made an unscheduled landing and the two crew members were kicked off for their bad behavior. Delta immediately apologized to the 300 passengers on the flight. They might have even thrown in an extra bag of peanuts.

5. Passengers on a flight to the United Kingdom got the scare of their lives when their plane hit major turbulence. The plane dropped 1,000 feet four different times in a matter of seconds. Passengers compared it to a roller coaster and many were screaming and crying. The captain described it as turbulence with a Capital T. The flight, which was heading to Heathrow, was diverted to Shannon for landing after the captain was able to gain control. 23 people were injured.

4. Before boarding a Virgin Atlantic flight from Antiqua to London, 48-year-old Colin Smith swallowed 61 pellets of cocaine, worth roughly $50,000. The dope smuggler didn’t get very far into the flight when he informed one of the crew of what he had done…and passed out. Some of the pellets had burst in his stomach. The plane diverted from its course and made an emergency landing in Bermuda, where medics were waiting to perform emergency surgery. He survived.

3. What IS that smell? That’s the question all the passengers on the L.A. to Philly flight wanted the answer to. In mid-2014, the U.S. Airways plane was preparing to take off when passengers started smelling something unpleasant…and no, it wasn’t that gal from story Number 8. An hour into the flight, a passenger looked down the aisle and spotted a dog doing his doggy business…and it was a big dog so it was some BIG business. After the crew cleaned it up, the shoes of passengers who had accidentally stepped in it were noticed. And it still smelled. Some were dry heaving and some were throwing up. And the dog did his business again. And, of course, the crew ran out of cleaning supplies. An emergency landing was made in Kansas City. No word on why the dog was on the plane.

2. Earlier this month, During a Condor flight from Cancun to Germany, Britain Oliver Gee took off his T-shirt and pants and kept shouting “I prefer drugs to alcohol.” He then tried to pee in the cabin – but was restrained and helped to the toilet by a passenger and crew member, both of whom he slapped. He also threatened to kill a passenger and threatened and intimidated a young child. The plane’s captain made an emergency landing in America. Gee is facing 20 years in jail. It probably had something to do with the Super Moon.

1. In mid-2014, a small airliner crashed into a house in Africa after a 3-foot crocodile escaped from baggage and caused extreme panic. When the 19 passengers and crew seen the reptile, they all ran to the front of the plane and, because of the now-heavy front weight, the plane went into a nose-dive and crashed. The lone survivor of the crash told investigators the details. The crocodile, which was being smuggled in a sports bag to sell, also survived.

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