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10. Kirsty Hughes of Wales had put on some weight after having her 3- and 1-year-old sons. One night, on a cigarette run, the 26-year-old mom ran into a drug dealer and bought four bags of meow meow – or Mephedrone, which causes extreme weight loss in a short time. She took two of them before going to bed. Later that night, she was sweating and breathing in gasps. When she awoke her father, she was having a panic attack and had to drink large amounts of water. She told him she had taken the drug, then she collapsed. She said: “Look after my boys. I think I’m dying.” With that, Kirsty did, indeed, die.

9. Sarah Houston was 23 and had an incredible drive for life, as she had traveled the world and was studying to be a doctor. She had written herself a daily reminder that she placed beside her bed, saying: “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. She was that kind of person. But Sarah had a secret: she had suffered from eating disorder since she was 14. She felt she had dealt with the worst of it and was taking the drug DNP, which she purchased over the internet, to keep it in check. She spoke of feeling hot one evening and she was breathing heavily. She died later that night. The coroner ruled the drug was entirely responsible for her death.

8. Alina Ponamareva was a student in Russia in 2009. She was also a perfectionist, looking for ways to keep her body in perfect form. For quite a while, she had stopped eating meat and her favorite home-cooked pies. She was only eating curds and fruit. When her parents had not heard from her in a while, they broke into her apartment and found her lying on the floor. She had died of a heart attack. On a table was a book called “Hunger Treatment,” and it was open to the chapter, “How to lose weight in 12 days. She had marked off all the days except the final one. In her nearby diary, her last entry was: “Life is good, and I like living.”

7. There are two body parts which, if manipulated, can cause weight loss. Well, at least, that’s what some say. The first is ear stapling, where the inner cartilage is believed to be a pressure point that decreases one’s appetite. The other is the tongue patch, which is placed on top of the tongue to make eating of any type of solid foods very painful, thus causing weight loss. Now let me just say that despite whatever POSSIBLE weight loss these two methods may bring, they can cause infections, swelling, pain and extreme discomfort. In other words, don’t do it.

6. Two other weight loss fads are out there. One is the cotton ball diet, which involves dipping cotton balls in orange juice, lemonade or a smoothie and swallowing the cotton ball. This may sound cool but it can cause some serious problems, including choking, malnutrition and intestinal obstructions. The other is eating tissue paper. Some models, in order to keep their bodies in a very slender way, are known to do this because it makes them feel full. It actually starves the body of vital nutrients. If you know of someone contemplating these methods, please stop them.

5. Ok, let’s take a little breather and go in a little bit of a different direction. After Heather Jones lost her partner, she fell into a deep depression. She was eating comfort foods to deal with it and started gaining weight. She hit rock bottom and began having thoughts about ending it all. Then she discovered a little thing called the Emotional Freedom Technique, which basically retrains your mind to think differently by removing blockages in the energy system that cause intensity and discomfort. Within a few months, Heather had lost several dress sizes. She says: “It was effortless and I felt so powerful. My thoughts, habits and behavior were completely changed.” Heather has quit her job as a photographer and started her own business, The Brain Trainer, to help others THINK about losing weight. Now we’re not trying to promote this method, but that’s the kind of story we like to hear.

4. I’m no Dr. Oz, but here are a couple more things one should steer clear of. Tube feeding, where a tube is put into the nose and lowered into the stomach. The solution has 800 calories of water, fat and protein and a person can lose up to 20 pounds in 10 days. But let me tell you, after a recent operation on my mid-section, they put a tube up my nose and it was NOT a party. I was screaming and fighting all the way. Not fun. Aside from extreme discomfort, it can cause fatigue and constipation and can hurt your kidneys and liver. Also, the hCG diet can release hormones into the body like that of a pregnant woman and provide the fat to feed a party of two. But this leads to starvation. It’s not FDA approved.

3. An unnamed Swiss woman in her fifties decided to try living off of a spiritual diet, using only the sunlight for energy… and nothing else. She did this after watching a documentary that showed an Indian guru who lived with only sunlight for 70 years. The woman died of starvation.

2. Teenagers teasing about their weight caused sisters Courtney and Rebecca to go to the extremes with weight loss – almost to the point where one of them died. They would even tease each other harshly, calling one another fat ass and fat pig. Then they would constantly start competing with each other on who would lose the most weight in a given time. At one point, in 2007, Courtney was dealing with anorexia and weighed only 70 pounds Ultimately, professional help turned things around for both of them. They are now in their mid-20s and try to help others going through the same struggles.

1. Tapeworms have long been considered a tool for weight loss. In 2014, an unnamed mother in Florida was looking forward to her daughter competing in an upcoming beauty pageant. But she felt her daughter was a little on the pudgy side, so she decided to give her a pill she bought from Mexico filled with tapeworm eggs to help her lose some weight. She didn’t tell her daughter what the pill was. A few weeks later, just before the pageant, the daughter became incredibly sick and was in agonizing pain. When she was taken to the hospital, doctors gave her a medication to empty her colon. After she went to the toilet, physicians were shocked to find a mass of tapeworms in the toilet bowl. The girl recovered and missed the pageant. And on a personal note, shame on this mother. No pageant of any kind is worth risking the health of your children.

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