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10. I think we can all agree that absolutely nothing good comes from a shark attack. Well, for most people, that would certainly be true. But for Eugene Finney, a shark attack may well have saved his life. In 2015, Eugene and his family were on holiday in Huntington Beach, California, when he decided to go for a swim. Soon after he got in the water, something slammed into his back. It was a shark. A deep cut was left across his back, along with bruises. While doctors were treating Eugene, they discovered he had a stage one tumor on his right kidney. And because it was discovered in time, doctors were able to operated and remove the tumor. Eugene is now cancer-free… strangely enough, thanks to a shark attack.

9. In March of 2012, as Veleh Levy and her daughter Sydney were paddling their surfboards off New Smyrna Beach in Florida, a shark suddenly pulled the 15-year-old girl underwater. But when Sydney was able to surface from it the second time, her mom pulled her quickly onto her surfboard. She said it was, “like a scene out of ‘Jaws,’ where the girl’s getting sucked under, and I said, ‘There’s no way this thing is going to kill my daughter,’ and I grabbed her shoulders and I pulled her up and I threw her on the nose of my board.” The shark circled the two until nearby surfers heard their screams and helped them to shore. Sydney suffered a slight injury to her foot in the attack.

8. Joshua Holley was surfing off the coast of Oahu in Hawaii in April of 2012 when he felt a strange popping sensation in his foot. Then, suddenly, he was face to face with a 10-foot Tiger shark. Joshua’s quick thinking possibly saved his life. In a split second he recalled that the most sensitive part of a shark’s body was its snout. So he punched it in the face. Then he punched it again. The shark went underwater and swam away. Afterwards, he said: “It was pretty terrifying to be attacked by a shark, I’m not gonna lie. Instinct came in and I told the shark, ‘I’m not gonna die today.”

7. It was December of 2014, and Matt Pullela was having a great time spearfishing with his buddy, Jay, both 17, in the waters at Cheynes Beach on the West Australian coast. But their fun quickly and horrifyingly stopped when Jay was fatally attacked by a great white shark. Matt watched in shock and fear as the shark tore his friend’s leg off, but he knew that he had to think fast if he was going to save his own life. So as the shark was heading for Matt, he shot his speargun into its mouth and down its throat. He then quickly swam to shore and safety. Jay died a short time later.

6. A 200-pound bull shark bit off 8-year-old Jessie Arbogast’s arm and was still attacking him when Jessie’s uncle, Vance Flosenzier, waded up to the shark, grabbed its tail and pulled it onto the Pensacola Beach shores. He then pulled Jessie’s arm out of the shark’s throat and, miraculously, surgeons were able to reattach it. Jessie’s story and his uncle’s bravery made headlines all over the world.

5. Sharks are not known for their compassion for the human species – AT ALL. But Toakai Teitoi could tell you different. Toakai had been drifting aimlessly in a boat in the Pacific Ocean with his brother-in-law for 15 weeks. They had given up on being rescued and were both extremely close to dying. Then, as Toakai was staying out of the sun and resting under a stretched piece of cloth on the boat, he was jarred by a quick bump to the boat…then another bump followed by some scratching. When he looked over the side of the boat, he spotted a six-foot shark. When he looked up, he saw the stern of a ship and began waving frantically. They were rescued, and Toakai is convinced that if it wasn’t for the shark, they would have never seen the ship that rescued them.

4. Australian fisherman Dan Hoey pretty much puts those tough guys in the Jaws movies to shame. You remember those guys… each movie was about two hours of them trying to stop a shark attack. When Dan and his buddy went fishing, their boat was attacked by a great white, and it’s a big one, as you can see. But Dan left all the modern technologies of shark fighting behind and went simple… very, very simple, and used a broom to push the shark away ….. ummmm….maybe we should just sweep this one under the rug.

3. Henri Bource and other divers were interacting with seal off the Australian coast when a great white took hold of Henri’s leg. He quickly tried gouging its eyes and sticking his arm in its mouth to get it to release his leg, but to no avail. Finally, the shark ripped off his leg, and his screams alerted the other divers of his peril. They got him back to shore and to treatment, and Henri even used footage he took of the attack himself in a documentary called, “Savage Shadows.”

2. 41-year-old Eric Nerhus was hunting for abalone about 30 feet deep in Cape Howe between South Wales and Victoria when suddenly a 12-foot great white came at him and, in the blink of an eye, his head, torso and one arm was inside the beast. The force of the bite crushed Eric’s diving mask and knocked his air tube out of his mouth. But he had enough presence of mind to use his free arm to feel along the side of its head to find its eye, which he started stabbing forcefully with his chisel. The shark let him go after a 2-minute struggle. Said Eric: “Half my body was in its throat. It was like being in a dark cave. I’ve never felt fear in my life like that…”

1. In mid-2015, 10-year-old Kaley Szarmack was playing in shallow water at a Jacksonville, Florida beach when she felt a sharp pain below her right knee. She looked down to see a 3-foot-long shark.
Kaley fought the shark and ran out of the water, but when she looked back she saw her 6-year-old friend was still swimming, so Kaley went back in to get the younger girl out to safety, yelling “There’s a shark in the water!” Her friend quickly ran out and alerted their moms.
Kaley received 90 stitches to mend the shark bite. She has since fully recovered.

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