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Unfortunately, many young people live in abusive households… households where the father abuses his partner and children in terrible mental and physical ways. Here are 10 stories where those who were abused, or witnessed abuse, fought back.

10. Bresha’s mother calls her daughter a hero after the 14-year-old Ohio girl stood up to her abusive father. The years of physical abuse culminated on July 28 of this year when the teen walked into her parents’ bedroom with a .45-caliber handgun and shot her sleeping father in the head. Months earlier, she had told her relatives that she was afraid for her life because her father was beating her mom and threatening to kill the whole family. According to studies, up to 10 million children in the United States are exposed to domestic violence in their homes every year.

9. A 10-year-old New Mexico boy was desperate to stop the beatings of his mom and his sisters by his father. In August of 2009, the boy put a gun to his father’s head and pulled the trigger. After committing the fatal act, he called 911 to get some help for his 42-year-old father, who died later that night in a hospital. But four years later, the boy was put on trial for the murder. We do not, however, know the outcome of that trial.

8. An 18-year-old Malawian man was arrested for beating his father to death. Lewis Kachigamba is accused of beating to death his 44-year-old father, Genesis, because the man was physically abusing Lewis’ mother. In February of this year, Genesis was reportedly drunk when he started insulting and beating his wife. Lewis then intervened and beat the man to death. Lewis was arrested.

7. In September, 23-year-old Harish went to visit his parents when he discovered his father had beaten up his mother and locked her in the bathroom because she refused to pay for more alcohol. After yelling at his father, the father threw a rock at him but hit his wife instead. Harish offered his mother help while his father went to bed. Harish then took a boulder and dropped it on him. He then took both his mother and father to the hospital. The father died soon after and Harish surrendered to police.

6. After years of abuse, 18-year-old Jasmine had had enough, especially when her drunken father, Alan, put her in a headlock after getting upset because she was talking to her boyfriend. In May of 2003, Jasmine watched as her father and mother got into a fight. He then got upset with her and put her in a headlock. When the mother separated them, Jasmine grabbed a kitchen knife and plunged it into her father’s back. He died from the injury. Many have told Jasmine that they were inspired by her story.

5. In August of 2013, a 13-year-old Canadian boy shot his father to prevent him from killing his mother. He claimed he did not intend to kill him, and the judge he went in front of afterwards agreed. The boy shot his dad only days after his mother had been released from the hospital, where she had spent weeks on life support after her husband nearly choked her to death. When his father became physical with his mother again after her release, the boy shot him in the leg. As the father came after him, the boy shot him in the stomach. He was arrested several hours later and spent two years in custody before his release.

4. Zhou Fang of Canada shot his abusive father with a crossbow before crushing his skull with a hammer.
He killed his 52-year-old father on Dec. 2, 2010, in front of the public library in Toronto. He was charged with first-degree murder. But the court reduced the charge to second-degree murder after it was proven that Zhou and his mother were longtime abuse victims of his father. A senior forensic psychologist testified this was one of the worst abuse cases he had ever seen.

3. On November 26, 2005, Curtis Ganness awoke to the screams of his mother as his father was beating her. It is a scene he was far too familiar with. He pleaded with his father to stop, as he often did, then he went outside for a smoke. He had hoped his mother’s torment would be over when he returned, but the beating continued. Curtis had had enough. He pushed his father away and yelled to his mother to go to the bathroom. He then pulled out a knife and stabbed his father in the chest, but realizing what he had done, he attempted to get his father to a hospital. He died soon after the incident. Curtis was tried and convicted in the death of his father. He was released from prison in mid-2013 after serving seven years and eight months behind bars.

2. All of these stories are tragic. But possibly none more shocking than this one. In August of this year, 24-year-old Zachary Tricoche of New Jersey became upset because of the groceries his girlfriend brought home. He began arguing with her and started pushing her. The woman’s 2-year-old son, Jamil, was bothered his mother was being pushed around and tried to get her boyfriend to leave her alone. Suddenly, Tricoche turned on the boy and yelled, “put up your hands and fight.” With that, Tricoche exploded and punched the little boy in the chest so hard that he flew into a wall. When the little boy got up, Tricoche punched him in the chest again and knocked him unconscious. Jamil was pronounced dead at a hospital a short time later. Trichoche’s bail was set at $1 million.

1. Antoine Davis was a 30-year-old Marine who had served in Iraq. In September of 2014, he did as he often did – became drunk and belligerent and began verbally and physically abusing his girlfriend, Jessica Arrendale, with whom he had a 6-month-old daughter. Jessica attempted to fight him off with a baseball bat, but he took it from her and began beating her with it. Jessica then ran – with her daughter in her arms – upstairs to the bathroom. Davis reportedly got an assault rifle and went after her. With Jessica holding her young daughter, Davis burst into the bathroom and shot the woman in the head. But instead of falling directly to the floor, Jessica – in her fleeting seconds remaining of life – twisted her body toward the toilet, dropped her daughter inside it and slumped over it – concealing and protecting the young girl from her deranged father. Davis then left the bathroom and shot himself to death in his daughter’s room. The baby was found by police alive in the toilet 13 hours later.

That’s all for today. These were certainly some disturbing stories. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Thanks for watching.