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Bullying is a horrible thing to deal with. I can say that because I had to endure it myself in junior high school. And it bothers me even to this day when I think about it. Here are 10 stories where the victims took revenge on those who bullied them. But let me add here…. I do not condone, nor do I or Knowable encourage, most all of these actions.

1. Noel and Timothy were great friends at their New York school in 2014, until one day when Timothy loaned Noel his cellphone. When Timothy asked for it back, Noel had to confess that his mother found it and threw it away.
Timothy and his friends then began tormenting Noel to a great degree, making fun of his speech impediment, calling his mother a whore, urinating on his apartment door and setting fire to it. Timothy and his friend would push Noel and knock him down the stairs. They grabbed him and held him while they cut his hair and they constantly taunted him. Noel tried to hang himself but was unsuccessful. He was taken to a hospital and diagnosed with severe depression and bipolar tendencies. His father pleaded with school officials for a transfer to ensure the safety of his son, but that request was denied because those officials said there were only a few days left in the school year. The next day at school, Timothy was followed by his friends as he approached Noel and punched him in the face. Noel then got up, pulled out a 6-inch knife and stabbed his one-time friend in the chest five times. Noel was charged with murder. The boys were 14.

2. A shy, 17-year-old Canadian student, who had kept mostly to himself during his teen years, was ridiculed relentlessly about his large ears. Then one day, in January of this year, he couldn’t take it anymore. He entered La Loche Community School with a gun and began shooting, daring those near him to make fun of his ears. He went through the school and targeted many who taunted him through the years. He wounded several and killed two teachers. He also killed two brothers in their home before going on the shooting rampage.

3. We all know famous boxer Mike Tyson. But did you know he was bullied as a young boy? When Mike was 7 and in first grade, an older boy tried to rob him of his lunch, described as meatballs in aluminum foil. When he refused, the older boy beat Mike up, stole his glasses and put them in the gas tank of a nearby car. But as Mike grew older, he began working out and developing his fighting skills. And he NEVER forgot what that older boy did to him, and one day, took revenge. Says Mike: “I beat him in the streets like a f….ckng dog for humiliating me. He may have forgotten about it, but I never did.”

4. 16-year-old Gregary Teer of Council Bluffs, Nebraska, was being pushed and shoved around by 17-year-old Dakota Escritt at Abraham Lincoln High School until he had finally had enough. Surveillance footage actually shows the two exchanging words before Escritt starts pushing Teer through the hallways. Finally, Teer grabs onto Escritt and both raise their fists, with Teer being the first to land a punch. That one punch knocked Escritt unconscious. He was taken to a hospital and died three days later.

5. School is not the only place where bullies can be found. Some are adults who apparently never grew up. Such was the case of 47-year-old Ken McElroy, a big, burly man described as… well, just downright mean. For years, McElroy would steal livestock from farmers in the town of Skidmore, Missouri, he burned houses, chased women, had his way with young girls; he shot and seriously injured people, and he threatened anyone and everyone with a bullet if they ever got in his way. The whole town was scared, but the whole town had to fix the problem. On a hot July morning in 1981, as McElroy sat in his Chevy pickup outside the town bar on Main Street, more than 40 townspeople gathered around his truck and several shots were blasted into the town bully… killing him. To this day, no one knows… or will say… who fired those fatal bullets that took the life of a bad, bad man.

6. After years of being picked on, Australian teen Casey Heynes snapped. The 10th-grader was actually being picked on by a younger, smaller 7th-grader named Ritchard Gale. Gale and his friends had teased and made fun of Casey for quite some time, slapping him on the head and tripping him. They once duct-taped him to a pole. But when enough was enough, Casey exploded, grabbed Gale and body-slammed him to the cement outside walkway. The younger boy then limped away. On his Facebook page, Casey writes: Being able to survive it doesn’t mean it was ever ok.

7. When Louisa Manning was 12, she was often the target of cruel harassment by her classmates. They would call her “hairy” and “Manbeast” and they would make fun of her weight and her hair. For years after this, she suffered tremendously. But when she was a 22-year-old student at Oxford University, she was approached by a man who wanted to meet her for a date. She quickly recognized him as one of her main tormentors during her younger years. She didn’t let on that she knew him and decided to accept his date to meet at a restaurant. On the night of the date, as the young man sat in the restaurant waiting for her, a waitress delivered a note to him. It read: Hey, sorry I can’t join you tonight. Remember when I was fat and you made fun of my weight? No? I do – I spent the following three years eating less than an apple a day. So I’ve decided to skip dinner. Remember the monobrow you mocked? The hairy legs you were disgusted by? Remember how every day for three years, you and your friends called me Manbeast? No, perhaps you don’t – or you wouldn’t have seen how I look eight years later and deemed me (screwable) enough to treat me like a human being. I thought I’d send you this photo as a reminder. Next time you think of me, picture that girl in this photo, because she’s the one who just stood you up. Signed, Louisa.

8. When Harley was only 2 years old, a devastating house fire left burn marks over 85 percent of her body. She was taken to a Cincinnati hospital with only a 2 percent chance of survival. But survive she did. And because of those burn scars throughout her body, she faced constant taunts from schoolmates during her teen years. She struggled with suicidal thoughts, but she finally got beyond those terrible thoughts and met a man who did not give any weight to the burn scars and loved her for the person she was. She now plans to train as a nurse and become a motivational speaker for those who are suffering through illnesses.

9. A 16-year-old California student went on a shooting rampage in 2013 at his school near Bakersfield. He opened fire with a .12-gauge shotgun on 28 classmates, critically injuring one and grazing a teacher. He was later talked into putting down his gun and giving himself up. His mother said he talked about having a list of bullies who had upset him over the years, and that he was going to kill them.

10. Here are some parents who dealt with their bullying children: A mother shaved her daughter’s head for making fun of a hairless cancer patient; A mother forced her daughter to post a photo to her Facebook page holding a sign that said she “made poor choices with social media.” She was also made to sell her iPod; A mother makes her daughter get up in front of her class and apologize to the girl she bullied. The mother then strikes her daughter in the face with a magazine when she doesn’t look at the girl while speaking; A father made his bullying son carrying a sign along the road which said, “I am a bully. Honk if you hate bullies.”

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