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10. It was Brandon Swanson’s last day of classes at Minnesota West Community College, and he was out celebrating. Just after midnight, the 19-year-old freshman called his parents to ask if they could pick him up because he had crashed his car into a ditch and was unable to get out. But when his parents went for him, they couldn’t find his car where he said it was. His dad called him back and had him explain exactly where he was, and as they were both flashing their headlights, Brandon said he could hear running water, then suddenly said, “Oh shit!” The line went dead. Calls made back to him went unanswered. The next day, police found Brandon’s car about 25 miles from where his parents were looking for him. Brandon was nowhere to be found. This was in May of 2008. Brandon’s parents are still looking for him.

9. 31-year-old Henry McCabe went to a nightclub in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota, in early September of 2015… and never returned. His wife, Karen, said she received from him a voicemail with some very unsettling sounds. It was 2 minutes of unintelligible moaning, groaning, screams and growls before an abrupt silence and a heard to say, “Stop it!” Police and volunteers searched quite some time for McCabe but could find no sign of him… until November 4, nearly a month later, when his body was discovered floating in Rush Lake. An autopsy revealed he had drowned. Oddly enough, however, the strange voicemail left on his wife’s phone indicated he was being beaten and tortured, yet his body showed no signs of injury or trauma. Because of that, the case is considered unresolved.

8. Mark Price was a 45-year-old engineer from Thurmaston, England. He phoned his partner, Michelle in August of 2015 when he crashed on the side of a country road. As he lay in serious condition in a ditch hidden from sight, he phoned Michelle, who, with police, went searching for him. But neither could find him and apparently kept passing by him. Finally, officers and paramedics found him, and worked on him to save his life. Unfortunately, their efforts failed, and Mark was pronounced dead at the scene.

7. At 11:45 PM on April 4, 1991, 20-year-old Angela Hammond, called her boyfriend, Rob Shafer, from a pay phone in the parking lot of a grocery store. Angela said here was a green pickup truck circling the parking lot and that the man driving the truck had parked next to the phone booth, gotten out, and pretended to be looking for something. She described the man as filthy and bearded.Then Shafer heard Hammond scream, and the call went dead. Shafer jumped in his car and drove in the direction of the grocery store, a short distance away. On the way, he passed a green Ford F-150 pickup truck and Shafer heard Angela scream his name, so he turned around and followed the truck for about a mile before his transmission went out. Angela’s car was found near the phone booth where she made her last phone call. But her body was never found. The bearded man in the green truck was never identified.

6. As the Boeing 777 flew low over the west coast of Malaysia on March 8, 2014, co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid made a quick call from his cellphone as a nearby tower picked it up. The call never went through and it ended abruptly, but investigators were able to track its signal from a tower. Fariq’s cousin said the 28-year-old co-pilot was very close to his mother, so if he was making what he felt would be his last call, it would be to her. Fariq’s plane, along with its 239 passengers and crew, are still missing.

5. Geraldine Largay’s last message wasn’t by phone, but by a torn-out page from a journal. Geraldine was in a densely wooded and remote area in Maine when she apparently used a restroom and lost track of her directions quickly afterwards. But she left a haunting message on the page, dated Aug. 6, 2013. It read: “When you find my body, please call my husband George and my daughter Kerry. It will be the greatest kindness for them to know that I am dead and where you found me — no matter how many years from now. Please find it in your heart to mail the contents of this bag to one of them.” On the cover of her journal – very possibly the last words she had written — it said, “George please read Xoxo.” It is believed she survived for nearly four weeks after she was reported missing in one of Maine’s largest searches for a lost person.

4. In August of 2010, Amber Tuccaro was in Canada and needed a ride to Edmonton. She decided to hitchhike and a man in a truck picked her up. As she was talking on her phone to her brother, Amber began sounding nervous and began telling the driver he was going in the wrong direction. She said, “Don’t take me any place I don’t want to go.” The driver said something, then, suddenly, the phone went dead. Four days later, Amber’s skeletal remains were found about 17 minutes from where she was picked up. The case remains unsolved.

3. After visiting relatives in Helena, Montana, 47-year-old Rita Maze was driving back home to Great Falls on September 6 of this year when she was accosted at a rest stop on Interstate 15. Her daughter said her mom called her while trapped in the trunk of a car and said she was hit by a large man in a black hoodie. All then told of their love for each other before the phone died. Police were able to tracks her location through cell tower signals. But it was too late; Rita’s body was found inside the trunk of her car near a Spokane, Washington, airport.

2. Rob Hall was a New Zealand mountaineer best known for being the head guide of a 1996 Mount Everest climb. On May 11 of that year, Hall was trapped by a blizzard near the summit Everest, and accepted his fate when he learned by radio that rescuers would not be able to reach him. He then called his pregnant wife in New Zealand and told her “not to worry about him too much,” reassuring her so she was able to sleep.” He died later that night, after having stayed with ailing climber Doug Hansen, who died the night before. He did this rather than try to descend to safety from almost 29,000 feet. Hall had just completed his fifth summit of Everest, more at that time than any other non-Sherpa mountaineer.

1. In mid-2011, A Russian mother listened in complete dismay on her cell phone as her daughter was being eaten alive by bears. Olga Moskalyova, 19, called her mother after she was attacked by a brown bear. She screamed, “Mom! The bear is eating me… it’s agony. Mom! Help!” At first, Olga’s mother thought her daughter had to be joking, but quickly she realized it was no joke, as she could hear the bear and hear it chewing on her daughter. In a second call, a very weak Olga said, “Mom, the bears are back…she brought her three babies…and they’re eating me. The phone went silent. In her third and final call, as her helpless mother listened in absolute horror and shock, a tearful Olga said, “Mom, it’s not hurting any more. I don’t feel the pain. Forgive me for everything. I love you so much.” With that, the phone fell silent for the last time. The bears had also attacked and killed Olga’s stepfather. Six hunters were dispatched by emergency services and were able to put down the bears.

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