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There’s nothing much more frightening than the idea of someone breaking into your home to steal from you and possibly hurt you in doing so. Here are 10 scary moments when intruders went beyond the boundaries.

1. Michael Fagan doesn’t seem to understand that the gates and 14-foot wall at Buckingham Palace basically mean “Stay out,” unless, of course, the Queen mum invites you in. In 1982, Fagan scaled the imposing wall and broke into the palace. He set off a few alarms along the way but the security guys just thought it was a malfunction. He made it to Queen Elizabeth’s chambers and found her there sleeping peacefully in her four-post double bed. Then she awoke and shouted “What are you doing here?” Her voice, Fagan later said, she sounded like the “finest glass you can imagine breaking.” She ran past him and out of the room. A guard soon appeared and escorted him out, but instead of tossing him out on his intruding but, he took him to the queen’s pantry and offered him a drink of whisky, which Fagan gladly accepted.

2. In 1853, English scholar Sir Richard Burton disguised himself as an Afghani Muslim and traveled to the sacred city of Mecca, where he made the very risky move of measuring and sketching the mosque and holy Muslim shrine of the Ka’bah. He gained great notoriety for this, but instead of basking in his newfound fame, he organized an expedition to the equally forbidden East African city of Harar and became the first European to enter the Muslim citadel without being executed. He used various disguises to make it through these intrusive travels and even went so far as to undergo the Muslim tradition of circumcision to lower his risk of being found out. Now I’d call that going a cut above all the rest.

3. It was a chilly fall day in 1962 and we were at the height of the Cold War. Bombers were flying around-the-clock sorties and the Air Force was on its highest alert in history. Around midnight of October 25, a Duluth air base guard spotted a shadowy figure climbing the base fence and sounded the alarm for all nearby bases. Unfortunately, the wrong alarm sounded at Volk Field. Pilots scrambled to their fighters to get airborne and look for Soviet bombers. Just before the jets sprinted into take off, a honking jeep with lights flashing sped up to them, stopping them from becoming airborne. The official inside the jeep said it was a false alarm, and everyone was able to relax. More than 25 years later, the story of the wrong alarm sounding was learned. It was also revealed that the intruder climbing the base fence was actually… a bear.

4. On Jan. 20, 1985, Robert Allen Latta gained entry to the White House. He had not been invited. The 45-year-old meter reader had been on vacation in Washington when he decided to follow the group of the Marine Band members past White House security. He wandered around the House for several minutes before being spotted near the Blue Room and apprehended. He told officials he didn’t think he did anything wrong, saying “I thought if I wasn’t supposed to be there, somebody would stop me….I just wanted to see the ceremony…I’m kind of patriotic.”

5. In March of this year, a 38-year-old Portuguese national broke through security at Heathrow Airport in Longford, England, and locked himself inside an empty British Airways 747. He soon moved toward the cockpit and locked himself inside there behind the ultra-high security doors. This created quite a problem for the security staff to get him out, considering the doors were created for the benefit of the pilots to fend off terrorists who wanted to take over the plane. A fire brigade had to be called in and execute a very delicate operation to get the doors open and remove the intruder, who quickly was arrested.

6. In September of 2015, a lone man walked across the track of the Singapore Grand Prix in the middle of the high-speed Formula 1 race. German driver Sebastian Vettal got a good fright when he spotted the man and radioed to his team: “There’s a man on the track.. a man on the track!!” But after the man sent a scare to drivers and television viewers of the race, he slipped through a hole in the protective fence… and was gone.

A 911 operator pretty much gave young widow Sarah McKinley the green light to shoot the intruders who had broken into her Blanchard, Oklahoma home on New Year’s Eve of 2011. Sarah was at home alone with her 3-month-old son and had been a widow for only a week when she heard men breaking into her home. She ran to a bedroom and called 911 and told her she was there alone with her young baby. She then asked the operator if it would be OK to shoot the intruders if they entered the room. The operator, dispatcher Diane Graham, said, “You have to do whatever you can do to protect yourself. I can’t tell you that you can do that, but you do what you have to do to protect your baby.” Before the night was over, Sarah had shot and killed one of the men, identified as Shane Martin, with a 12-guage shotgun. His accomplice was arrested. Sarah later told CNN “You have to make a choice, you or him. I chose my son over him.” I’d say you made the right choice.

8 Security is a big thing. I mean, did you ever try to walk into Walmart in your underwear? I know I have. It took them about 20 minutes to catch me. So what happens when the security at the White House is not quite up to par with that of Walmart? In April of this year, an anonymous intruder made his way through the White House and into the Lincoln Bedroom, where he ran smack dab into President Obama. The two exchanged surprised comments with each other at first before the intruder spotted a guitar in the bedroom and asked if the commander in chief would like a free lesson. Amazingly, Obama agreed, and was taught the names of each of the strings as well as some scales and the opening riff of “Sunshine of your Love” before security guards stormed in and escorted the man quickly off the premises. I might have went with “Stairway to Heaven,” but to each his own. By the way, we also discovered after this story was posted that it was a fake… a hoax…a ruse, and apparently the White House security is, indeed, a bit better than that of Walmart.

9. Running a 10 kilometer race in Brazil wasn’t exactly the easiest thing for Edwin Kipsang Rotich to do. A man from the crowd ran onto the course and tackled the Kenyan long-distance runner. Three police officers on motorcyles were quick to the scene and prevented the man from making a second attempt at going after the runner. Edwin, despite being tackled and moving around the motorcycles and commotion, ended up winning the race.

10. Prankster Dan Jarvis thought he would be cool when he disrupted the FINA Diving World Series and jumped from the 10-meter board. Instead, the crowd booed mightily and security quickly managed to retrieve him from the pool and out of the arena. Jarvis managed to pull off the stunt by rushing past security and climbing atop the jumping board, quickly tearing off his clothes and jumping in wearing only a speedo. The championships were delayed a little longer when Jarvis told security he had accidentally dropped his house keys in the pool. So someone dove in and got them. Jarvis is part of the prankster group Troll Station, which puts its stunts on YouTube. And no… don’t even think you’re gonna get something like that outta me. Besides, I lost my speedos over the summer… all 10 pairs of them. Still can’t figure out what happened to them. My girlfriend leaves the room every time I bring it up. Hmmmm…

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