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Remember that woman who bought hot coffee at McDonald’s and sued the company because she spilled it on herself and it was…. hot? She actually won $3 million in that lawsuit.

But that’s only part of the story. What you may not have known is that the coffee was scalding hot and initially she only asked for $10,000 to cover her medical expenses. McDonald’s only offered a fraction of that to her…. So her family went after them…and won pretty big. Here are 10 similarly odd cases involving the courts and/or the police.

1. Viktor Jasinski, a Russian burglar, had no idea what he was getting into when he broke into the beauty shop owned by Olga Zajak. The 32-year-old burglar only wanted to swipe the money from the registers and be on his way. But Olga caught him in the act and she had other things in mind. You see, Olga is a black belt in karate, and after she pummeled the crap out of Viktor, she tied him up to a back room radiator completely naked, fed him Viagra and had a three-day sex spree with him. That was Her way of teaching him a lesson. When Viktor was released, he went straight to the hospital to be treated for his swollen testicles. He then contacted police. When police talked to Olga, she said, “What a bastard! Yes, we had sex a couple of times. But I bought him new jeans, gave him food and even gave him 1,000 rubles (which is only about $16 to you and me.) I’m wondering if this gal keeps her doors unlocked at night.

2. Gary Brown loved to fish, and when the weatherman said the forecast for Nov. 2, 1980, would be beautiful, the 27-year-old kissed his wife goodbye and set off to catch some lobsters. But the weather didn’t turn out so beautiful after all. As a matter of fact, it was horrible, with a squall slamming into Brown’s boat, sinking it and killing him. His devastated widow sued the weatherman and won. The weatherman filed an appeal and explained there was no exact science in forecasting the weather, that it was merely a prediction. The appeals court ruled in his favor.

3. Karen Norman, after a night of drinking in 1992, backed her Honda car into the Galveston Bay. Her passenger managed to unbuckle her seatbelt and get to safety. Karen, however, could not unbuckle hers and drowned. Her parents sued Honda and a jury found the company was mostly at fault in her death, and awarded the woman’s parents $65 million. Her blood alcohol level at the time of her death was 1.7, which is nearly twice the legal limit.

4. When guys go to strip joints, it’s just for a good time – kinda like watching Saturday morning cartoons. But in 1996, Paul Shimkonis didn’t get that cozy cartoon feeling when a stripper with extremely large ta-tas flailed them across his face with such force that he sued the establishment for $15,000 for giving him whiplash, claiming the woman’s breast felt just like cement blocks. The court threw out the case. What a boob.

5. Some days are really crappy. Take Mauricio Fierro, for instance, who was definitely a man with a plan. In December of 2012, Fierro, or El Pepita, as he was known, had just stolen a car and pulled up to a pharmacy and robbed it. Awesome!, he thought. I’m so freakin’ cool, he thought. Then, when he made it out to the car he’d left running for his quick getaway, the car was gone. Someone had stolen it. Then, while looking around the lot for the car, someone else ran up to him, grabbed the loot he had just taken from the pharmacy, and ran off. El Pepita was so pissed that he went to the police department to report the thefts. While there, he bumped right into the pharmacy owner, who identified him as the man who had just robbed his store. When arrested, he told police he didn’t have his car long enough to enjoy it and said, “We can’t even live a dishonest life any more.” Ya know, in some cultures, El Pepita means The vagina. And that’s… all I’m gonna say about that.

6. British floor fitter Mark Gilbert was just not making enough money from his boss, Simon Cremer. So he sneaked into Cremer’s office and made a nice check out for himself, about a thousand U.S. dollars. Wow… that was easy. Well, it was until Cremer found out what his employee had done. But instead of calling the police on Gilbert, Cremer had a better idea… he thought. He made Gilbert walk quite a distance to the police station wearing a big cardboard sign around his neck that read, “THIEF. I stole 845 pounds and am on the way to the police station.” Once there, Gilbert admitted his wrongdoing to police and they let him off with a warning. And Cremer was satisfied with that. But… that’s not the end of the story. You see, Gilbert was so affected by the incident that he filed a lawsuit against Cremer for lost wages, trauma, mental damage and creating within him a pathological fear of all things cardboard. Gilbert received $16,000 from Cremer in a settlement.

7. So now let’s talk about Subway. No, it’s not about that weasel Jared. This is about proving that size does, indeed, matter. And no, it’s not about that either. Ok, ya know how Subway is always promoting its footlong sandwiches. Well, if you had measured one of them before 2013, you might have discovered, to you absolute horror, I’m sure, that the footlong was just shy of 12 inches. Now how can this world possibly go on with things like this happening? Anyway, Subway was sued over this and the settlement for the nine so-called “victims,” was up to $1,000. The lawyers who pursued the case, however, were awarded $500,000. Yeah, I know.

8. Jailed sex offender Lang Her, 26, filed a lawsuit against his victim, 24-year-old Yee Xiong after she called him a rapist on Facebook this year. Just minutes after sentencing the man, Xiong was served with the defamation lawsuit papers. He accused Xiong and her family of labeling him a rapist and causing him mental and emotional distress. He was seeking damages of $4 million. The California court reviewing the case threw it out.

9. What would you do if you caught a burglar in your house? Would you kick his ass? Would you shoot him? On a January day in 2012, Sam Cutrufelli broke into the Greenbrae, Calif., home of Jay Leone and began robbing the 90-year-old man at gunpoint. During the robbery, Leone asked to go to the bathroom and Cutrufelli let him. Leone was a former deputy sheriff and retrieved a gun he had hidden in the bathroom and the two exchanged gunfire. Leone shot Cutrufelli three times and the two began to wrestle. At one point, Cutrufelli put his gun to Leone’s head and pulled the trigger, but he was out of bullets. He then ran from the home but was eventually captured and charged with attempted murder, burglary, robbery and firearms offenses. But Cutrufelli wasn’t real happy about that, so he sued Leone, claiming “great bodily injury, and other financial damage, including the loss of his home and the dissolution of his marriage.” The judge threw out the case. And Cutrufelli got 86 years behind bars.

10. In China, a mugger who tried to rob a man of his cellphone got more than he bargained for when his victim turned on him and, with two friends, beat the crap out of him. Once he recovered a little from the massive beating, the mugger, named Zeng, filed a lawsuit seeking what amounted to $10,000. The court ruled that since the victim did not report the mugging – and thorough thrashing of the thief – to police, the victim was liable, and ruled in favor of the mugger.

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