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Newborn babies are wonderful, and very welcome additions to a family. And if you’re a man who has never witnessed a live birth, find a door knob to hold onto… and hold onto it tight! Babies typically come out all scrunched up and pink, with a slight purple tint to them. But some babies, unfortunately, don’t come in to this world in the best of conditions. Here are eight cases of newborns bringing tremendous shock and despair to their parents and others.

1. If a baby is born red, some might think it’s the devil. This actually happen in Gujarat, India. A baby was born red and everyone was concerned that it was the birth of Satin himself, and that the end of the world was near… and that it had to be killed. Turns out, the little tyke had a bad case of Harlequin Ichthyosis. So now the locals have accepted the child and nobody wants to kill it anymore. And that’s good news!

2. A baby girl born in Chhattisgarh, India, had tortoise-like scales on her body and a greenish tint to her skin. Her eyes were red, and many believed she looked like an alien or an incarnation of god. Unfortunately, the poor little girl was suffering from Herculean syndrome, which is a rare occurrence with only a minimal chance for the baby’s survival. We here at Knowable certainly wish a great recovery for the child and hope all these newborn diseases can soon be a thing of the past.

3. A baby was born without eyes in Nepal. And his body was described as hard, with hands and legs slightly bent. Doctors said they were amazed he was born alive, and compared his infant looks to that of an alien. Babita Mushhar gave birth to this child. Her doctor said that genetic changes in parents, as well as the mother not properly taking care of herself during pregnancy, could have contributed to the child being born this way.

4. Sharon Kujeke of Zimbabwe, gave birth to a baby after a 10-month pregnancy. The baby was born legs first, somewhat deformed and with loose and peeling skin. As heartbreaking as that was, even more heartbreaking was the fact that the mother refused to take the baby home.

5. Ok, this one’s a little different from the rest, but we certainly thought you had to see and hear it for yourself. Farmer Ibrahim Basir of Felda, Malaysia, was tending his flock of goats when a new baby goat was born. But this was no ordinary baby goat, as its head and face had the remarkable resemblance to that of a human baby. Unfortunately, the baby died very soon after its birth. Basir handed the carcass over to the Veterinary Services Department to investigate the cause of the deformity.

6. A baby girl was born with no external skin in a Nagpur, India, hospital. Her body was covered with thick plates of hardened and cracked skin, showing many of her internal organs. Doctors said Harlequin Ichtyosis was responsible for this and that there is no known cure for the disease. Constant care of moisturizing the skin is required. Although most die in a few days, one girl who was born with it in 1984, is still alive. In this case, however, the baby, born to a farmer couple from Wadi, died two days after birth.

7. A woman gave birth to a child with goat legs at a hospital in Nigeria. The baby had a human head, no neck, and legs very similar to those of a goat. It was the woman’s fourth delivery and all of her previous children were also born with deformities. Doctors could only surmise that the deformed birth was connected to radiation exposure or possibly as the result of the mother taking drugs during her pregnancy.

And finally, Number 8.

An unidentified woman was pregnant for 12 months, a full year, before going into labor for 9 hours and giving birth. Officials said the 30-year-old woman had received very good treatment and care through her pregnancy, but after the first six months, she went to a local priestess for advice after she noted some worrisome signs and felt some pain. The priestess advised the woman to do a 21-day dry fasting period, after which, the pregnant woman noticed a decrease in the pain. But along with that, her pregnancy began to shrink. She finally gave birth to a baby that was described as a hairless rat with a long tail. The child died soon after birth.

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