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We ALL love animals. But some people are very particular in the animals they love, with that love going SO FAR and SO DEEP, they actually become those animals and ARE those animals. Sound a little strange? Oh, you have no idea. Here are 10 stories of humans being animals.

10. There is actually a Secret Life of the Human Pups, which is a community wherein humans, mostly male and mostly gay, dress in leather, adorn dog hoods, rub each other’s bellies, tickle each other, play with toys and eat out of bowls. And they are often in relationships with their human handlers. They can even take part in a competition just for them, the Mr. Puppy Europe pageant in Antwerp, where the dog men jump for treats, bark and wag their tales. And then there is even the man dog sex, which includes leather and BDSM.

9. Ok… that last one was… fun. Try this one on for size. Ted Richards, 57, is just a regular kinda guy. Well, except maybe for one minor thing: He wants to be a parrot. So much so that he underwent a 6-hour surgery to have his outer ears removed to look like the birds. He would even have his eyes placed like a parrot’s eyes – on the sides of his head — if that surgery was possible. But maybe his next step in transformation will appease him just as well – having his nose surgically fixed to look like a parrot’s beak.

8. Here kitty, kitty… Some people claim they were born the wrong gender. A Norway woman, however, claims she was born the wrong species. Specifically, she says, she should have been born a cat. Nano, who is 20, says she realized she was a cat when psychologists discovered “the thing” with her. She claims she has a superior sense of hearing and sight and communicates with other cats by mewing. She even has a male friend who talks to her with cat meows. Nano also hisses at dogs and is afraid of water.

7. 35-year-old Thomas Thwaites of London was sick and tired of his life. He had lost his job and his very existence was meaningless. So… Thomas became a goat, in Switzerland. He had specially made prosthetic goat legs he attached to his limbs so he could walk on all fours. He then had a special stomach, which would attach to the front of his own, so he could eat grass with his other goat buddies. The stomach allowed him to spit the grass into it. He claims goats are better people.

6. Dennis Avner, a 58-year-old descendant of American Indians, has gone to the extremes to turn himself into a tiger. He had his lip surgically split, surgical pointing of his ears, silicone cheek and forehead implants and filing his teeth to resemble those of the big cat. He also has tiger tattoos and facial piercings to attach whiskers. He climbs trees and eats nearly raw meat daily. A talk some years ago with a native chief inspired him to “follow the ways of the tiger.”

5. Ok… this next one doesn’t exactly follow along the lines of a human becoming an animal, but we just had to put it in because… well, because we wanted to. It seems that 21-year-old Jess, of Florida, is a big baby. She’s such a child. That’s because she spends most of her day in diapers inside a crib, as her boyfriend David, whom she calls “Daddy,” tends to her. She says she urinates in the diapers but “not the other thing,” because apparently that would be too weird. She even drinks from a bottle. David and Jess show videos of this on YouTube and they have a large fan base, to the tune of more than 2 million subscribers! WAAAAAAA….. I WANNA BIG YOU TUBE FOLLOWING TOO…. WAAAAA. You guys really wanna see me in a diaper, don’t you?

4. Alright. No more monkeying around. Wait a minute. Maybe just a little more. Kenichi Ito of Tokyo is known as the Monkey Man. When younger, children used to tease him, saying “monkey, monkey” and Kenichi himself felt a strong bond with the animal. That bond was so strong that he spent nine years studying the movements of the monkey and even holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest 100-meter run on all four limbs – 15.71 seconds. Well, we all have a bit of a monkey on our backs at times, don’t we?

3. Some men are real snakes, but this next guy is fine with just being a lizard. 44-year-old Erik Sprague has sharpened his teeth, received full body tattoos of green scales, a split tongue, subdermal implants and green-inked lips. He tours the country showing off his freakish nature and performs in sideshow acts. Erik said his family is very supportive of his career path… although we’re still uncertain as to what that career actually is.

2. Eva Medusa is a transgender who claims to be the first and only person to have both ears surgically removed to become a dragon. Now wait! Didn’t parrot guy do that? Eva was born Richard Hernandez in Arizona. Aside from changing genders, the 55-year-old had a nose modification, tooth extraction, eye coloration, her tongue forked and a full-face tattoo – all in order to become a beast that probably never was. She also had horns implanted onto her forehead and scarification on her face and chest to resemble reptilian scales. She likes to be known as Dragon Lady. Yes, I’ve known a few who could share that name.

1. Tom Leppard was 80 when he died, but during his life, he lived it as an actual leopard. He had 99.2 percent of his body covered in a saffron yellow design with black spots. Only the insides of his ears and between his toes were untouched. His eyelids were tattooed with blue-green feline irises and he had his teeth custom-fanged by a dentist. For 20 years, he lived as a hermit in a cave on a Scottish island, dealing with freezing winters and sweltering summers. He insisted this lifestyle suited him well.

That’s all for today. We’ve talked about a lot of strange human creatures here. What would YOU be if you could? Let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to like us and be sure to subscribe for more stories like this. Get addicted to the good stuff.