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Here’s some breaking news… people seem to like sex. Ok, but really, some people will do the nasty in the strangest of places. Here are 10 stories of some pretty daring… and horny… people.

10. Coitus in the court! Coitus in the court. Now, you would think in the sterile, hallowed halls of justice that all proceedings would be well above board. But a couple of California judges were not being very honorable when caught having sex with a woman involved in one of the cases and a court clerk. Scott Steiner, a judge in Orange County, was caught with his robe down when he was found having sex with a friend of a woman who was involved in a case in his court. And he didn’t even disqualify himself from the case afterwards. Maybe the gal he was making boom-boom with should have. Another judge, Cory Woodward, was caught having sex with his court clerk in the judge’s chambers. I know those rooms had to be for more than reading all those confusing law books. Even after being caught, Woodward refused to reassign the clerk. Maybe there are a few judges who need to be reassigned to push brooms in those hallowed halls. THIS coitus is adjourned!.

9. Car sex is really nothing new. But when you drive naked with your naked partner to a stop, get out and go at it while being recorded with a CCTV camera, well, that’s a bit of a twist. These two unidentified horny people were caught by the camera pulling over to the side of the road, waiting for a couple of cars to pass, and then getting out of their car and going at it. The woman was completely nude except for a classy pair of high heels, and bent over the hood of the car to … Whoa..OK…. I can’t say that, but you get the idea. But I will say it was definitely a quickie, as the guy was done in less than 10 seconds. He also appeared to be waving at the camera, apparently knowing his Minute-Man reputation could never be in doubt.

8. Some people just don’t care who’s around when they gotta have it. An unidentified couple was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day of 2014 in Newark, Delaware, when they decided to go between two dumpsters and have sex in broad daylight with a fence helping to support the bent-over blonde female. Several onlookers spotted the heavily engaged couple and began shooting pictures and videos. Apparently the guy had his Lucky Charms that morning.

7. A 49-year-old substitute teacher was arrested for having sex with a 17-year-old student in a Pennsylvania cemetery. The female teacher, Kelly Aldinger, was charged with sexual assault on the male student and was held on $50,000 bond. Although quite different – having sex in a cemetery, that is – it’s not all that unusual. A cemetery spokesman said many couples come to the graveyard to have sex because of its peace and tranquility. If you ask me, that’s just tomb much.

6. One amorous couple decided they couldn’t hold back any longer, and started having sex on the famous Cannes Red Carpet, which was walked on by the cream of the crop attending the Cannes Lions Awards Ceremony only hours earlier. The sexual escapades were in full view of guests attending the awards party in the penthouse. No word on the possibility of rug burn. Ouch.

5.Tourists going through a bell tower in Russia in June of 2016 were spotted and recorded by a drone having torrid sex among the stairsteps of the tower in Torzhok. The woman can be seen clutching the railings and her partner took full advantage of the view… or something. Even though they spotted the drone, they did not stop. Someone was apparently trying to ring someone’s bell.

4. Back in 1893, Maud Gonne had been famous for her role in the struggle for Irish independence. She was an actress, an activist, feminist and something of a mystic. But her grief over losing a 2-year-old son was so intense that she believed by having sex with someone in his tomb, he would be reincarnated. So, she did. We do not know if the boy was, indeed, reincarnated through the act. And I’m not sure we’d want to.

3. In 2014, 24-year-old Joshua Miner and 18-year-old Alisa Massaro strangled to death two 22-year-old men. They then wanted to have sex on top of the dead bodies. Apparently murder made them just tingle all over. But after some reasoning, if there was any such thing in this case, the two decided to just have sex right next to the bodies. One said it was “Weird.” Oh really? How about that….

2.Drive-through sex bays have been set up next to an Italian volcano. Ok, that’s something you just don’t read about every day. Visitors are actually encouraged to book a parking bay and become intimate with the great outdoors. It also promises to act as a natural Viagra, increasing the blood flow and relaxing the nerves that control an erection.

1. When it’s in a person’s Last Will and Testament, you pretty much feel obligated to carry out their wishes. Sarah Simirayi of Zimbabwe much have felt a hell of an obligation to her deceased estranged husband, whose last wish was to have sex with her one more time, saying he would probably die of a broken heart because he missed her so much. Although she had a new lover, Sarah fulfilled her husband’s wishes, as she climbed on top of him in his coffin at his funeral and had sex with him as friends and family watched. According to Sarah, her dead husband performed “quite satisfactorily.”

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